Telehealth Spotlight

New Standards of Practice for California Occupational Therapists

The California Board of Occupational Therapy's "Standards of Practice for Telehealth," effective April 1st, will:

  • Clarify regulations for telehealth-delivered services that occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants are already expected to adhere to during in-person services; 
  • Direct occupational therapists to determine whether an in-person evaluation or intervention is necessary prior to providing telehealth-delivered services.

CCHP's fact sheet offers an overview of the new standards of practices, and an analysis of the expected impacts on telehealth.

At the Center

"Telehealth and the Triple Aim: A Forum for Advancing Knowledge and Practice" Takes Place in Late April

CCHP’s eight-month project to assess telehealth’s role in achieving the Triple Aim’s goals concludes with an invitation-only national forum of key health care players. The event, which will take place in Sacramento on April 23, will convene a small group of influential industry experts, premier researchers, policymakers, insurers, and grant funders. Participants will discuss CCHP’s research findings and offer recommendations to ensure an optimal environment for technology-enabled health care.

The final vetted report of the project findings will be released shortly after the forum. 

Read the original press release for the project here.