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  • How Telehealth Implementation Policies Vary Across the States

    mHealth Intelligence

    Telehealth implementation policies differ in the wide array of states across the nation depending upon each individual region’s laws. Legislation such as telemedicine payment parity laws and telehealth implementation policies differ in each state while every year brings more rulings and modifications for technology and medical device adoption throughout the healthcare industry.


  • Telehealth: The Medicaid Reimbursement Landscape

    The National Law Review

    As many of you know, reimbursement for telehealth services is a mixed bag.  On the one hand, private payers generally seem ahead of the curve.  Many leading private insurers reimburse for telehealth.  Generally these coverage policies provide reimbursement for telehealth services when they involve the use of real-time interactive audio, video, or other electronic media for diagnosis and consultation.  Just as significantly, more than half the states and the District of Columbia have passed telehealth parity statutes which require health insurers to provide coverage for services provided via telehealth if those services would be covered if provided in-person.  The picture for private insurer telehealth coverage is generally good and getting better.


  • When Patients Live Far From Care, Video Conferencing Can be a Palliative Support Lifeline

    PBS Newhour

    People facing life-threatening illnesses often turn to palliative care, not only to address their pain, but also to navigate end-of-life choices. It’s never an easy process, but it’s even harder for those living in remote rural areas. One doctor in Northern California is finding innovative ways to help ease the burden.  In this video, special correspondent Joanne Jennings reports from Humboldt County, California.