AK Medicaid Program Telemedicine/Telehealth Definition

“Alaska Medicaid will pay for telemedicine services delivered in the following manner:

  • Interactive method: Provider and patient interact in ‘real time’ using video/camera and/or dedicated audio conference equipment.
  • Store-and-forward method: The provider sends digital images, sounds, or previously recorded video to a consulting provider at a different location. The consulting provider reviews the information and reports back his or her analysis.
  • Self-monitoring method: The patient is monitored in his or her home via a telemedicine application, with the provider indirectly involved from another location.”

Source: State of AK Dept. of Health and Social Svcs., Alaska Medical Assistance Provider Billing Manuals for Community Behavioral Health Services, Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Hospice Care, Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Independent Laboratory Services, Appendices. (Accessed Jan. 2014). 


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Telemedicine/Telehealth Definition