Pending Legislation and Regulation

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AL Rule: Board of Nursing - Standards of Nursing Practice

Repeals and replaces the regulations related to continuing education requirements for licensure as a nurse.  


AR Rule: Department of Human Services - Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

The proposed regulation would amend the Medicaid manual in regards to reimbursement for outpatient behavioral health telemedicine services.

AR Rule: Dispensing of Medication to Induce Abortion

AR Rule: Health Facility Services - Abortion Facilities

This bill would prohibit drug induced, chemical and surgical abortions be performed by telemedicine.

AR Rule: Medical Board - Procedures for Abortion

This rule would require a medication abortion to occur in the same room and in the physical presence of the physician who prescribed, dispensed or otherwise provided the drug or chemical to the patient. 

AR Rule: Medical Board - Regulation 38

Establishes rule pertaining to telemedicine and the requirement for all services provided by physicians.


AR Rule: Regulation 2.8 - Medical Board

The rule amends section concerning the Medical Practices Act that authorizes the State Medical Board to revoke or suspend the license issued to practice medicine if the holder thereof has been found guilty of grossly negligent malpractice. 

AZ Rule: Board of Psychologist Examiners

This rule would establish practice standards for providing psychological services by telepractice.


AZ Legislation: HB 2411: Abortion

Repeals a currently existing section of law that prohibits the use of telemedicine to provide an abortion.


CA Legislation: AB 1300 - Mental Health

This bill addresses involuntary commitments.