Pending Legislation and Regulation

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KS Legislation: HB 2456

Relates to enacting the interstate medical licensure compact.


KY Legislation: HB 286: Abortion

Allows the private medical consultation required between a pregnant woman and either with the physician who is to perform an abortion or with the referring physician to occur through a telehealth consultation.

KY Legislation: HR 43: Technology and Innovation Committee

This bill would add to the Technology and Innovation Committee to the list of standing committees of the House. Among the duties of the new committee would be matters related to telemedicine.

KY Legislation: SB 4: Abortion Consultation

Would allow the required pre-abortion consultation to take place via real-time visual telehealth.

KY Rule: Division for Health and Family Services - Community Mental Health Centers

This rule would stipulate when therapeutic intervention services could be delivered through telehealth, among other things.

KY: HB 95 - Telehealth Services & Home Telemonitoring

Requires the Department for Medicaid Services to submit a waiver or waiver amendment to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in order to provide coverage for home telemonitoring services and direct-to-patient telehealth services; defines terms; permits community action agencies to use federal funds to ensure adequate access to health care; requires the state administering agency to establish a program to permit telehealth consultation services and require Medicaid coverage.


LA Rule: Board of Medical Examiners - Physician Practice; Telemedicine

This regulation would revise practice standards when delivering services through telemedicine.


MA Rule: Office of Medicaid - Home Health Services

This rule establishes the rates of payment for home health services, which requires the Executive Office of Health and Human Services to establish rates of payment for non-institutional providers, such as providers of Home Health services, at least every two years. Adds a new service and associated payment rate, Remote Patient Monitoring ("RPM"), which would allow home health providers to monitor patients' health status remotely.  


MD Legislation: SB 242: Medicaid Providers

This bill would require that if the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene specify by regulation the types of health care providers eligible to receive reimbursement for telehealth delivered services, primary care providers shall be included. 

MD Legislation: SB 446: Licensure Compact

This bill would enact the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.