Pending Legislation and Regulation

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KS Legislation: HB 2270 - Medical Assistance

This bill would expand KanCare II and the department of health and environment. It requires that eligible beneficiaries (elderly and disabled), in cooperation with the managed care organizations, are eligible for telehealth monitoring and education services with no non-medical restrictions related to patient setting, provider type or originating site.

KS Legislation: HB 2321 - Charitable Health Care Provider

This bill expands the definition of charitable health care provider including health care providers who have entered into an agreement with Shriners National Network of Hospitals for children to participate in free medical care given by means of telemedicine services. 


KY Legislation: HB 121 - Court-ordered mental health treatment

Relates to court-ordered mental health treatment; allows mental health examinations for the purposes of 72-hour holds to be performed via telehealth.

KY Legislation: SB 185 - Demonstration Projects for State-Administered Health Plans

This bill relates to cost-savings demonstration projects for state-administered health plans.  Such demonstration would center on process improvement and patient empowerment with door-to-door engagement through use of interactive technology, known as telehealth, to capture the potential for improved medical outcomes at reduced cost, among other things.

KY Legislation: SB 51 - Mental Health

This bill would require that a qualified mental health professional that performs an exam for the purposes of involuntary hospitalization be qualified and licensed to perform the examination through the use of telehealth services (among other things).


LA Legislation: HB 461 - Telemedicine Licensure

This bill would amend law related to the telemedicine license.

LA Legislation: HCR 4 - Standard of Care

This bill is a concurrent resolution to express the intent of the legislature regarding the standard of care that physicians are required to use in the practice of telemedicine pursuant to the provisions of Act No. 442 of the 2014 Regular Session of the Legislature of Louisiana.

LA Rule: Board of Medical Examiners - Physician Practice; Telemedicine

This regulation would revise practice standards when delivering services through telemedicine.

LA Rule: Board of Medical Examiners - Telemedicine Permit Qualifications and Procedures

Amends rules regarding the use of telemedicine, the need and requirement for obtaining a telemedicine permit, and the requirements and limitations on the prescription of controlled substances by telemedicine.


MA Legislation: HB 1810 - Behavioral Health Telemedicine

Mandates coverage for telemedicine behavioral health services in circumstances when office visits are not practical.